Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?
All of the programs start in September.
How is the program delivered?
The program is delivered through on-line distance learning and in-class sessions.
Where do I take the program?
You may take the program in the comfort of your own home. The distance learning based program operates out of Winnipeg. The program is delivered in an on-line format. Lessons are posted on the Internet on a weekly basis. This facilitates constant contact and feedback from your instructor and classmates. Periodic seminars are held in specific cities.
Where are the in-class seminars?
Classes are typically held in city centers across Canada. The Canadian College of Funeral Service rents classroom space usually at a post-secondary training institution. Based on your province of study, in-class sessions are held in Vancouver, BC; Calgary, Edmonton, or Red Deer, AB; Winnipeg, MB: Moncton/Dieppe, NB: and St. John’s, NL.
How often are the in-class seminars?
The seminars take place three times a year. Each level starts with a three day orientation seminar in September. BC, AB, and MB will follow up with a three-day seminar in January. Each province will finish the year with a two week session in spring. Sessions on these days generally run from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
What pre-requisites must I have?

Admission to this program requires all applicants to:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a High School Diploma of GED (transcript must be provided)
  • Provide two letters of character references (references must have known applicant for no less than five years)
  • have a clean criminal records abstract (to be provided to the licensing board prior to receiving your license)
What is the workload like?
The workload will vary from student to student. Students are expected to work more than 15 hours per week.
I’ve been out of school for so long. Will I make it through the program?
Mature students have been very successful with our program. Hard work and determination generally guides the student to the successful completion of the program.
Will I be on my own? How will I get help during my studies at home?
Canadian College of Funeral Service has a toll free number for all students. General inquiries can be answered by our office administrator. During the program, you will be in constant contact with your instructors over the Internet and by e-mail. Instructors will answer questions in a timely manner and can offer guidance and assistance. Students can also rely on each other through the internet for assistance and help.
What is a typical week like in the program?
Once the program is in full swing, students will receive 2-3 lessons per week. Lessons are released every Monday morning. The student will have on-line instruction, lessons, and reading assignments for the week. Students must then complete an assignment by the following Sunday for each course.
How often are exams written?
Exams are written three times per year. Students will write term exams in December and April. Students will also write final exams during their 2-week session in spring.
What is a sponsor/mentor?
A sponsor/mentor is a licensed funeral director/embalmer who agrees to take part in the training process. They are responsible for your “hands-on” training. They must sign a “Sponsor Agreement Form” which sets out what is expected of them in the training process. They will be responsible to complete evaluations of your progress and sign as a witness to your practical experience.

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