Program Information

Program Information

The Canadian College of Funeral Service has been providing funeral service education to various Canadian jurisdictions for over 30 years. It is our mission to provide a high standard of education to the funeral service profession. We strive to promote ideals that will inspire students to become professional, dignified and respected funeral service professionals and members of the community.

We have developed a variety of programs that will aid students in understanding our core beliefs and at the same time empower them to meet the needs to the ever-changing consumer.

The funeral service professional is faced with an academically and technically demanding profession. It is for that demand that we strive to prepare and train students though quality education.

Program Delivery

Course material is delivered in three ways in order to facilitate optimum learning.

  1. Online distance learning:

Courses are delivered via the Internet using North America’s leader in Web Delivery Systems and online learning management system (Brightspace D2L).  Students must have access to the Internet and basic computer skills. Daily contact and feedback from instructors and classmates from across the country is facilitated through a private e-mail and discussion format.  Online distance learning allows students to “earn while they learn” and remain employed while taking any one of our programs.

  1. Seminars/Workshop:

The program is supported with periodic seminars and workshops that are delivered in a classroom setting in your own province.  This allows students to meet their instructor and classmates face-to-face, providing traditional classroom instruction and interaction.  Depending on your jurisdiction and program, this may vary from 15-30 days each year.

  1. Practical Experience:

Practical workplace experience is a requirement in most of our programs.  Hands-on learning from professionals in the field is an invaluable learning tool.  Experienced mentors will guide the apprentice through the daily tasks and responsibilities of a licensed funeral director and/or embalmer.  Funeral Service cannot be taught without this component.  Interpersonal skill development of a funeral director and the highly technical skills required of an embalmer may only be fully learned in the work environment.

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