About The College

About The College

Canadian College of Funeral Service is Canada’s only post-secondary institution that is dedicated solely to the funeral service profession. The College, formerly Western School of Funeral Service, started in Manitoba over 30 years ago under the direction of Stewart Windrum, a dedicated funeral professional, educator and visionary. Stewart’s ideas and visions in funeral service has inspired many in the profession and has left a legacy for the college.

In 2000, Joe Coffey, a licensed funeral director and embalmer took over the college from Stewart . Joe’s passion and direction helped develop the program to be delivered on-line and was able to expand to certain provinces in the East Coast. As a result of this expansion, the college then became Canadian College of Funeral Service. Joe’s enthusiasm and direction has lead to the expansion of the college’s many programs and continuing education division.

In 2015, current full time employee and licensed funeral director and embalmer Roger Girouard took over ownership of the college. His values, passion and work ethics are a great fit to carry on the values and beliefs of the college.

It has been for over 30 years that the college has educated and trained thousands of funeral service professionals across Canada.

Canadian College of Funeral Service continues to be Canada ‘s leader in funeral service education, dedicated to the advancement of the profession and the development of quality funeral service professionals.

The college takes pride in knowing that their instructors are licensed funeral directors and embalmers having certificates in adult education and designation as certified funeral service practitioners. Professional development is something that is important for them and something they continually strive in achieving, leading by example.

Our Mission

We strive to:

  • provide a high standard of education to the funeral service profession.
  • promote ideals that will inspire students to become professional, dignified and respected funeral service professionals and members of the community.
  • provide mechanisms and a place for funeral professionals to contribute to the advancement of the profession and their own professional growth.

Our Values

We believe in the:

  • sanctity of life
  • significance of death
  • value in the journey from beginning to end
  • dignity of the person who made said journey
  • universal need to commemorate that life

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