About The Profession

Who are Funeral Service Professionals?

A career in funeral service is a lifelong rewarding and challenging occupation.  Funeral service professionals work in funeral homes in many different capacities and roles. They are caring and empathetic people that walk with the bereaved through one of life’s most difficult journeys.  Funeral professionals also aid the bereaved in one of the most daunting but rewarding tasks: final care of their loved ones.

The Funeral Director

The funeral director is a professional caregiver who enables families and communities to celebrate a life and provide support for the living by:

  • Helping the bereaved during the initial stages of their grief.
  • Assisting the planning of meaningful services and ceremonies in which people of different faiths and cultures express their feelings and practice their beliefs.
  • Carrying out administrative and logistical tasks required by law, custom and acceptable practice.

No two families are alike and therefore need patience and guidance during a difficult time.  A funeral director recognizes each family’s individuality and uniqueness by being open-minded  and respecting all beliefs and cultures.  Effective listening, communication, and organizational skills are essential and are constantly being developed throughout one’s professional growth.   

The Embalmer

Throughout history, care and honour for the dead has been reflected in a deep respect for those who have chosen a career of caring for the physical needs of the dead and for the psychological needs of those who mourn their passing.

Today, the duties of the embalmer are regarded as sacred tasks and must be performed in a dignified and professional manner.  It is the duty of the embalmer to disinfect, preserve and restore the deceased so that the health of the public will be protected while creating a positive viewing experience and a pleasant memory picture for the bereaved.

Viewing the deceased can provide reality and offer the first step of a healthy grief experience.

A career in funeral service is one of the most rewarding and challenging occupations. CCFS is looking for dedicated individuals interested in pursuing a career as a funeral director and/or embalmer. Funeral service professionals are caring, selfless, and compassionate individuals. It is a true calling that requires integrity, leadership, and a will to help families. CCFS provides you a solid foundation with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist families in their time of need. Allow us to guide you along that path and prepare you for a successful and satisfying lifelong career in this remarkable profession.

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